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Power Distribution – Follow the Leader or Lower OPEX for Your Organization

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Waite Ave

Waite Ave

Historically, our US based standards have gone against the rest of the world.  Take the metric system and the US resistance to adapt to a system the rest of world uses. Sure we know a football field is measured in yards, engine power is measured in horsepower, air conditioners are measured in tonnage but, is our reluctance to adapt to a world-wide standard so valid to waste enormous amounts of money with outdated, poorly designed electrical distribution.  I will make the case for the 415/240 method of electrical distribution in the following white paper. The paper is designed to get those who design electrical distribution, specifically in the data center world, thinking “Can we do it better?”.

Click Here to Download White Paper “Power Distribution Architectures”

Join UNS LinkedIn Group: Data Center Critical Power and Cooling Group

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Open forum to discuss the following topics relating to data center “best practices”. Key areas:

– Power
– Cooling
– Racks
– Security
– Management
– Fire Suppression
– Personnel

Submit your questions or comments on issues that affect your data center and have them answered by our Critical Facility Specialist. We provide valuable insight to common problems that often plague modern data centers