De-Installation, Removal and Installation of Telecom Equipment

  • Cisco, Fujitsu, and Nortel-certified technicians
  • Disciplined processes
  • Compliance with GR-1275 Industry Requirements and Standards "Bellcore Standards"
  • No outages, no injuries and on-time project completion
  • Experienced project managers
  • Ability to quickly remove excess equipment from client facilities
  • Resilience in overcoming adversity

Consignment Sales of Reusable Telecom Equipment

  • Long-term relationships with recurring buyers
  • Industry-specific marketing channels, including international, end-user, e-commerce, dealer, manufacturer, wholesaler, and scrap buyers.  
  • Database for scanning, inventorying, tracking, and reporting large quantities of equipment
  • Warehousing with 4 levels of rack storage in 20,000 sq ft facility.  
  • Reputation worthy of repeat and referral business
  • Top of the line logistics experience and expertise
  • Long-term relationships with transportation vendors, providing reliable inexpensive shipping services

De-Manufacturing of Unusable Telecom Equipment and Recycling of Scrap

  • Designated disassembly area
  • Dedicated team of industrial technicians assigned to the complete break-down of materials into commodities and components--copper, steel, aluminum, lead, circuit boards and precious metals
  • Hard-drive destruction
  • Schematics and time-motion studies to optimize efficiency
  • Certificates of Destruction available upon request
  • No-landfill policy

Custom Services

  • Individually tailored programs for clients
  • Network test lab at facility
  • Rack-and-stack
  • Trade-in programs


Associated Tele-Networking, Inc. provides its clients with specialized telecommunications asset management and disposition solutions, including installation, de-installation, removal, transportation, audit, warehousing, de-manufacturing, and recycling.