Efficiency Strategies

Save 20%-60% on Operational Expenses

Nearly half of a data centerʼs energy bill is from power and cooling infrastructure. Gartner reports that 70% of CIOs say power and cooling issues are the single largest concern facing their data centers.

As complex as they are critical, data centers and telecommunications switching rooms present a range of challenges for facility executives. Not least among these is the delicate balancing act of ensuring reliability without letting energy costs get out of control.

UNS takes a holistic view of these challenges that can generate significant operational cost (OPEX) savings. Implementing modern technology such as: in-row/in-rack cooling architecture and modular power protection compounds the savings. We typically see 20-60% savings on our client’s utility bill after implementing our efficiency strategies.

Our Critical Facility Energy Profiles (CFEP) service provides an analysis of your current power and cooling infrastructure to determine the baseline efficiency of your wiring closet, server room or data center. Our critical facilities specialist will document the existing infrastructure, determine the efficiency and provide an accurate assessment of the factors limiting the highest achievable efficiency of the data center. The critical facility specialist will provide a comprehensive report that will make recommendations for changes to maximize efficiency. The following seven (7) key areas of your Network Critical Physical Infrastructure is evaluated:

  • Power
  • Cooling
  • Enclosures/Racks
  • Security
  • Fire Suppression
  • Management
  • Recycle/Re-use of Old Equipment

Data Center Electrical Efficiency Profiles:

Our Critical Facility Energy Profiles (CFEP) service is available in three (3) distinct profiles:

Basic Premier Elite
Power Assessment Power Assessment Power Assessment
Cooling Assessment Cooling Assessment Cooling Assessment
Enclosures/Rack Enclosures/Rack Enclosures/Rack
Fire Suppression Fire Suppression Fire Suppression
Security Assessment Security Assessment Security Assessment
Management Assessment Management Assessment Management Assessment
Personnel Assessment Personnel Assessment Personnel Assessment
NCPI Report Card NCPI Report Card NCPI Report Card
  Uptime Risk Assessments Uptime Risk Assessments
  Rack/Row Efficiency Measurements Rack/Row Efficiency Measurements
    Product Training (Where Applicable)
    On-Site Finding Presentation
    Thermal Imaging
    CFD Analysis
  Add Ons:  
Virtualization Assessments Storage Assessments Server Consolidation Assessment