Power Distribution – Follow the Leader or Lower OPEX for Your Organization

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Waite Ave

Waite Ave

Historically, our US based standards have gone against the rest of the world.  Take the metric system and the US resistance to adapt to a system the rest of world uses. Sure we know a football field is measured in yards, engine power is measured in horsepower, air conditioners are measured in tonnage but, is our reluctance to adapt to a world-wide standard so valid to waste enormous amounts of money with outdated, poorly designed electrical distribution.  I will make the case for the 415/240 method of electrical distribution in the following white paper. The paper is designed to get those who design electrical distribution, specifically in the data center world, thinking “Can we do it better?”.

Click Here to Download White Paper “Power Distribution Architectures”

APC by Schneider Electric and Universal Networking Services Provides Complete Services Solutions

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  Please visit our APC Showcase.  Together with APC by Schneider Electric, Universal Networking Services can become your one source, connecting product availability, expertise, and service for all major brands of data center equipment. Whether you require: start-up preventative maintenance comprehensive refurbishment or reconditioning on your data center equipment, APC by Schneider Electric and Universal Networking […]

Universal Networking Services Appoints VP of Operations, Waite Ave, to Denver, Colorado

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        Waite Ave, VP of Operations for Universal Networking Services Locates to Denver, Colorado. Denver, Colorado, December 22, 2014 Universal Networking Services, a leading provider of mission-critical power and cooling infrastructure products and services proudly announce the appointment of VP of Operations, Waite Ave to the Denver, Colorado office. While serving as VP […]

Datapod USA Partnership to Deliver Washington Data Center

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  Datapod USA is proud to team with North American partner Universal Networking Services (UNS) to deliver the Datapod data center System for the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission (WSSC).   Earlier this year, WSSC named Datapod USA as the successful tenderer to build and deploy their new data center facility on the outskirts of Washington DC. […]


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Datapod has recently assembled their first Datapod System in Sweden. This blog post contains a collection of images which illustrate just how easily the Datapod System is assembled onsite. This deployment also highlights the flexible nature of the Datapod System with this deployment housed inside a pre-existing building. Special thanks: The images featured in this […]


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Datapod’s modular data center solution reduces operational and downtime costs and has attracted CIOs from around the Asia-Pacific at the CIO Summit in Hong Kong. An essential part of any modern CIO’s role is to plan their company’s information disaster recovery process. It is a task worth committing both time and expenditure to, as a well-prepared […]