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APC by Schneider Electric and Universal Networking Services Provides Complete Services Solutions

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Visit our APC Showcase

Please visit our APC Showcase.  Together with APC by Schneider Electric, Universal Networking Services can become your one source, connecting product availability, expertise, and service for all major brands of data center equipment.

Whether you require:

  • start-up
  • preventative maintenance
  • comprehensive refurbishment or reconditioning

on your data center equipment, APC by Schneider Electric and Universal Networking Services will provide the most complete services solutions available from rack to row to room to building to the cloud.

Contact us today if you have questions about our products and services. A representative from Universal Networking Services will respond as soon as possible with answers to your questions.


Universal Networking Services Appoints VP of Operations, Waite Ave, to Denver, Colorado

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Waite Ave, VP of Operations for Universal Networking Services Locates to Denver, Colorado.

Denver, Colorado, December 22, 2014 Universal Networking Services, a leading provider of mission-critical power and cooling infrastructure products and services proudly announce the appointment of VP of Operations, Waite Ave to the Denver, Colorado office.

While serving as VP of Operations, Waite will focus on the development and implementation of strategic business initiatives with both vendor and industry partners to bring more value to each customer.  Additionally, he is responsible for the development and management of key customer relationships.  In concert with his operational roles at UNS, he will also concentrate on raising visibility to the market that operational efficiency is key to an organization’s success by offering solutions with strong ROI and operational reliability.  He will facilitate improvements in service delivery and standardization to deliver the right solution for each client.

Mr. Ave states, “I am excited to be a part of the Denver data center community.  As the demand on technology increases, the design, installation and operation of IT infrastructure requires a professional and reliable service partner.  Today’s IT departments face complex challenges that demand forward looking solutions.  At UNS, our process begins with a complimentary audit of your current facility.  This enables us to offer solutions that maximize investment while increasing reliability and availability.  As Datapod’s North American Partner, UNS can now deliver complete turn-key data centers of any size within 12 weeks.  Our partnership with Datapod will include a US-based demonstration center and final assembly facility in the upcoming year as we expand our operation to include modular data center offerings.”

Please help to welcome Waite Ave to the Denver data center community.

About Universal Networking Services 

Universal Networking Services is an industry-leading provider of power and cooling solutions for mission-critical IT infrastructure.  From planning to site commissioning, our engineered solutions are reliable, scalable and modular to increase efficiency and lower operational expenses.  Our services include:  design/build, product acquisition, installation, management and maintenance services.

To learn more about Waite Ave  please contact Waite at

To learn more about Universal Networking Services visit

Datapod USA Partnership to Deliver Washington Data Center

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130326-Datapod-114-471x347Datapod USA is proud to team with North American partner Universal Networking Services (UNS) to deliver the Datapod data center System for the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission (WSSC).


Earlier this year, WSSC named Datapod USA as the successful tenderer to build and deploy their new data center facility on the outskirts of Washington DC.


The WSSC project requires Datapod USA to provide a 200kW data center System that can be scaled up to and beyond 1 MW over time.


The modular Datapod System represents a new approach to providing data center infrastructure allowing extra pods to be added to the data center as future capacity is required.


Datapod USA CEO Adam Smith is delighted with the partnership with UNS.


“This is an exciting opportunity for Datapod and we are very proud to be providing data center infrastructure for one of the United States largest utilities with our valued North American Partners UNS. Leveraging from the experience and knowledge of UNS will add to the success of this project,” said Mr Smith.


The 200kW data center solution equates to a four pod modular system and will be ready for operation months earlier, when compared to a traditional custom-built approach to data center construction.


The Datapod System will enable WSSC to fully manage its own asset and to provide supporting infrastructure such as power, cooling and fire suppression. The Datapod System also provides electrical power feeds, uninterruptible power supply and generator backup.


“From inside, the Datapod System looks like most enterprise grade data centers featuring optimized racks and hot aisle configurations.  The Datapod System also features a patented design that provides us with a strategic advantage,” added Mr Smith.


The tender process attracted bids from several international companies, with Datapod’s technical superiority, experience, speed to deployment, and completeness of the end to end solution leading to the tender win.


WSSC provides water and waste water services to approximately 1.8 million residents around Washington DC and their new Datapod facility is tipped to become an industry leader and will create new opportunities for the organisation by extending WSSC’s position as an advanced user of IT systems.


Learn More

To learn more about the Datapod System please contact Waite Ave at or 281-825-9790.



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Datapod Director Adam Smith has released his latest blog post on the benefits of adopting the Datapod System. 

The modern CIO could be forgiven for feeling like an island surrounded by shark-infested waters.

With budgetary restraints and the weight of accessing, using and protecting big data on their shoulders, many CIOs are feeling the pressure and asking ‘how do I reduce data center costs’.

That’s why Datapod’s award-winning modular data center system is becoming the new ‘norm’ in data center infrastructure.

We all know, Datapod’s system is flexible and scalable, to suit any size of business, and the modular system means that additional capacity can be purchased inline with organisational growth, effectively future-proofing the company’s data center needs.

Costs are kept low through a standardised, production-line approach. This has the added benefit of increasing quality control, with every part checked against pre-set standards and factory acceptance tested before being released from the factory.

Traditional, custom-engineered data center construction comes with a host of associated risks, delays and steep costs, and can result in an inflexible end facility. Repeatable modular design solves all of these problems, while economies of scale result in lower capital investment, improved capital efficiency, reduced operational costs and decreased cost of total ownership.

Table 1.1 below shows an example scenario of a customer requiring 150-kW of incremental IT capacity annually for the next five years, for a total of 1-MW IT capacity. The assumed energy cost in the example below is 12.01¢/KW/hr.

describe the image



Given the figures in table 1.1, it’s no wonder that government and private sector CIO’s in areas as diverse as mining, petroleum, finance and education are getting excited over the possibilities that modular data center construction offers.

As well as having numerous financial and operational advantages over traditional, bricks and mortar data centers, Datapod’s modular system also offers a level of security and corporate risk advantages that hosting in the cloud cannot match.

Many CIO’s rightly fear the cloud’s capability as a reliable solution when protecting data and data sovereignty.

Last year’s annual Computer Weekly/TechTarget IT Priorities Survey found that security, reliability and protecting company data were major concerns for those considering the use of the cloud for business critical data.

Data center downtime and loss of production is another issue keeping many CIO’s awake at night.

According to the Aberdeen Group’s 2010 research (Disaster Avoidance and Disaster Recovery; Making your Datacenter Disaster Resilient), organisations lose an average of $138,000 for every hour their data centers are down. For companies with more than 1,000 employees, that’s $1.1 million per year.

Datapod’s modular data center system has been designed with reduced downtime in mind.

Our engineers have taken into account factors such as extreme outside temperatures, protection from the ingress of moisture, dirt and dust, and the effects of lightning strikes, cyclones and other extreme events. Thus the Datapod data center can survive in the most extreme outdoor environments, with intricately designed utility pods providing the full power and cooling redundancy your would expect from an world class enterprise grade data center.

At every stage of development, flexibility has been at the heart of Datapod’s design, to the extent that the system does not require an all or nothing approach.

The Datapod System can be used alongside existing data center buildings as well as augmenting cloud-based services, or as a stepping stone to moving to a full modular data center infrastructure. Such integration means that the Datapod infrastructure can act as a disaster recovery option or extra redundancy for organisations with those systems already in place.

This flexible modular approach is reflective of Datapod’s fundamental belief that data centers of the future are machines, not buildings. Datapod’s work has proven the validity of this core truth time and again, while at the same time saving CIO’s money on their bottom line.

Global data demands are continuing to grow. In 2011 Science journal published the results of a scientific estimate of the amount of data stored in the world by 2007. The result was 295 exabytes – the equivalent of 1.2 billion average hard drives. Interestingly, the scientists found that in 2000 75% of information was stored in analogue format. Just seven years later, an incredible 94% of it was stored digitally.

This growth of big data has led to data centers becoming increasingly critical.

The latest research into the sector from Markets and Markets projected that by 2018, the size of the modular data center market will reach $40 billion, as more and more CIO’s understand the advantages of the scalability, flexibility, reusability, portability, reduced deployment time, enhanced efficiency and lower total cost of ownership that modular centers provide.

Datapod’s award-winning modular infrastructure provides a high quality, cost effective solution for companies across a wide range of industries. It’s ready for deployment now. What are you waiting for?

Download System Guide

Learn More

To learn more about the Datapod System please contact Waite Ave at or 281-825-9790.

Enterprise Data Center Solution For Remote Applications – Datapod Customer Testimonial

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In this video, Xtrata Copper’s Garon Johnston talks about the deployment of the Datapod System at their Mount Isa mine site in remote northwestern Queensland, Australia.

Datapod meets the challenge of providing a ‘drop in’ enterprise data center at remote site deployments such as mining, oil and gas without compromising quality.



Datapod System Ready For Deployment

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An aerial view of a Datapod System ready for deployment after a successful FAT (Factory Acceptance Test).

The Datapod system embodies world’s-best-practice engineering and ensures quality outcomes through precise prefabrication and factory testing. Standardization enables significant project cost and risk reductions and enhanced system reliability by comparison to one-time engineered Bricks and Mortar constructions.


Discover the Netshelter CX

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The solution for deploying IT equipment outside the server room. This 3D demo shows the features and benefits of the IT industry’s first soundproofed, portable server environment.

Netshelter CX Enclosure – Product Demonstration

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Learn more about the Netshelter CX – The IT industry’s first soundproofed, portable server environment. The solution for deploying IT equipment outside the server room.

iBusway for Data Centers

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The iBusway for data centers is a plug and play solution that’s reliable and easy to install. This video outlines the benefits and easy installation of such a versatile data center solution.

What’s Inside The Datapod System

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The Datapod System utilizes Schneider Electric’s best in class power and cooling products


The Datapod System utilizes Schneider Electric’s Best in Class Power and Cooling Products. The APC Infrastructure Suite of power and cooling products are recognized as the World’s Leader for reliability and performance.

Power:  The intelligence of the Datapod System is that each component is scalable and modular. Beginning with the Award-Winning APC Symmetra Line of Uninterruptible Power Supply Unit (UPS). These units start at 40kW and can scale up to 2MW.

Cooling: Free-Air, Air/Water Economizers, In-Row, Hot-Aisle Containment, Cold-Aisle Containment options Cooling up to 33kW per rack possible. Datapod enables end users to save up to 40% savings in cooling costs.

Racks:  Up to 50U available. Network or Standard. The Datapod System can incorporate 20‘ or 40‘ Intermodal Compliant ISO Containers. The insulated, anti-static design provides the optimal IT environment.

Pod Management: The Datapod System is completely managed by a suite of software that allows the user to manage, control and trouble shoot potential problems remotely and via smart phone or tablet computer.  The IT assets, fire control systems, electrical and cooling systems are all monitored via standard IP networks.

Universal Networking Services is proud to be the North America Authorized Agent for Datapod™ .  Our partnership with Datapod™ allows us to deliver a unique alternative to the traditional bricks and mortar data center installation. We can provide the data center community an alternative solution that maximizes their investment and increases the reliability and availability of their mission-critical facility.  Datapod is an unique, modular data center system that incorporates innovative design and cutting edge mechanical and electrical engineering. Datapod has extended the concept of modular data center design to include critical site infrastructure such as modular generators, chillers, and deployment services thereby providing a complete infrastructure solution for data centers. By enabling data center users to deploy when they like, where they like and for how long they like, the Datapod system offers performance superior to that of  a “bricks and mortar” data center facility, deploys faster and at a more cost-effective price point.

Please feel free to email us at or contact us to learn more.

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