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Universal Networking Services, LLC Proudly Announces Teaming Partnership with Hill Commercial Construction

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Universal Networking Services, LLC Proudly Announces Teaming Partnership with Hill Commercial Construction

Denver, Colorado, January 17, 2010: Universal Networking Services, LLC (UNS, LLC)  a leading provider of mission-critical power and cooling infrastructure products and services today announced teaming partnership with local Denver company, Hill Commercial Construction (HCC).

Kurt Ave, COO of UNS, states “The partnership of HCC and UNS creates a dynamic team within the data center design and construction industry.  The HCC/UNS team will insure a streamline process for project delivery from inception to facility operation.  This process will include data center design, equipment specification and procurement, MEP design and evaluations, facility construction, commissioning and operational start-up all with a single source or as we call it “The Ultimate Solution”.  This process is designed to control the total cost of ownership (TCO) by reducing the overall cost of the project and increasing efficiency.  We are very excited to team with HCC to deliver world class service to Colorado and beyond.”

About Universal Networking Services, LLC

Universal Networking Services, LLC headquartered in Denver, Colorado has opened two regional offices located in Houston, Texas and Lafayette, Indiana.  UNS, LLC specializes in mission-critical power and cooling solutions for wiring closets, server rooms, and data centers.  UNS, LLC provides product acquisition, design, engineering, installation management and maintenance services.

About Hill Commercial Construction

Hill Commercial Construction, LLC is a Denver-area commercial construction company whose unwavering commitment to service, quality and integrity has resulted in a widespread reputation for excellence.  Capabilities include:  ground-up facilities, tenant improvements, Class “A” tenant finishes, corporate headquarters expansions, data centers and medical speciality projects.  HCC offers expertise in all phases of the project from due diligence through final closeout into warranty.  HCC has never had a lost time accident and they engage in safe construction practices on every project.

Please help to congratulate UNS, LLC and HCC on their teaming efforts.

To learn more about UNS, LLC please contact Waite Ave at or 281-825-9790.

To learn more about Hill Commercial Construction please contact Scott Komula at or 303-905-4737.

Don Melchert Named Critical Facility Specialist, Universal Networking Services

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Don Melchert, Critical Facility Specialist

Don Melchert Named Critical Facility Specialist, Universal Networking Services

Universal Networking Services, Appoints New Critical Facilites Specialist Don Melchert

Denver, Colorado, January 17, 2011: Universal Networking Services, a leading provider of mission-critical power and cooling infrastructure products and services today announced the appointment of Don Melchert to the position of Critical Facility Specialist.

While serving as Critical Facility Specialist, Don will focus on the development and implementation of strategic business initiatives with both vendor and industry partners to bring more value to each customer.  Additionally, he is responsible for the development and management of key customer relationships while building a successful service/installation force.  In concert with his roles he will also concentrate on raising visibility to the market that operational efficiency is key to an organization’s success by offering solutions with strong ROI and operational improvement.  He will facilitate improvements in service delivery and standardization to meet each clients needs and deliver the right solution for every project.

A decorated Marine veteran, Don has been working with critical facilities since 1992.  He has lead the efficient build out of new data centers such as Sisters of Mercy hospitals and has managed critical facilities to include ConAgra Foods, Coca-Cola Enterprises and the Department of Education. Prior to joining Universal Networking Services, he worked for Schneider Electric as the primary instructor for Data Center University.  As a recognized expert in his field, Don will be bringing with him the knowledge and experience gained from assisting customers throughout North America become more self sufficient and energy conscious.

Please help to welcome Don Melchert  to Universal Networking Services.

About Universal Networking Services, LLC

Universal Networking Services, LLC specializes in mission-critical power and cooling solutions for wiring closets, server rooms and data centers.  UNS, LLC provides product acquisition, design/engineering, installation management and maintenance services.

To learn more about Don Melchert please contact Don at

To learn more about Universal Networking Services visit

APC by Schneider Electric Announces EcoBreeze™, the First Air Economizer Cooling Solution that Keeps Outside Air Out of the Data Center

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APC by Schneider Electric’s modular indirect evaporative and air-to-air heat exchanger cooling solution is able to automatically switch between two forms of cooling to meet all of the cooling and energy efficiency requirements facing today’s data centers

LONDON, United Kingdom, November 9, 2010 — APC by Schneider Electric, a global leader in integrated critical power and cooling services, today announced the EcoBreeze™, a modular indirect evaporative and air-to-air heat exchanger cooling solution. The EcoBreeze has the unique ability to switch automatically between air-to-air and indirect evaporative heat exchange to consistently provide cooling to data centers in the most efficient way. The design of the EcoBreeze is able to reduce energy consumption by leveraging temperature differences between outside ambient air compared to IT return air to provide economized cooling to the data center. The EcoBreeze meets ASHRAE 90.1/TC 9.9 requirements for efficiency and economization with multiple frame sizes with varying voltages and phases to address any data center’s cooling needs.

As data centers are constantly expanding and local energy companies place heavy restrictions on a data center’s ability to pull more power from the grid, there is an urgent need to reduce power consumption through energy efficiency and economization. The EcoBreeze addresses the needs of today’s data center’s by implementing multiple forms of economization into each module. The unit, located outside the perimeter of the data center, takes advantage of localized climates and can automatically switch between two forms of economized cooling;

·         Air-to-air heat exchange – Brings in hot IT air in from the data center through the modules EC (Electronically Commutated) fans which is then passed through internal channels of the Indirect Evaporative Cooler (IEC). After the IT air is cooled it leaves the IEC and passes through a cooling coil and returned to the data center.

·         Indirect evaporative heat exchange – When ambient temperatures can’t support a air-to-air heat exchange cooling is done through indirect evaporative cooling which removes heat from the IT air by evaporating water on the outside of the heat exchanger channels. The EcoBreeze is the first solution on the market which prevents the outside air from coming in contact with the data center air, regardless of which cooling mode is used (air-to air or indirect evaporative).

The EcoBreeze has a proportional R410a refrigerant system as well as an onboard water treatment system which eliminates the need for chemical water treatment. This feature addresses environmental concerns associated with some refrigerant or water based systems.  Both of the economization cooling strategies employed by the EcoBreeze maximize localized climate conditions to ensure the most efficient and effective form of cooling throughout the year.

The EcoBreeze will be announced at DatacenterDynamics London which will be held at the Lancaster Hotel, London, November 9 and 10, 2010. The EcoBreeze will be available for purchase in 2011.

APC by Schneider Electric Announces the Newest Evolution of the Data Center InfraStruxure™ Management Software Portfolio

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West Kingston, RI, September 29, 2010 — APC by Schneider Electric, a global leader in integrated critical power and cooling services, today announced a new version of the InfraStruxure™ Management Software Portfolio a core feature of APC’s InfraStruxure architecture which provides an open, vendor neutral management platform for data center physical infrastructure.

New features help companies conserve energy and cut costs by delivering active, open, management across all key domains of the data center, including power, cooling, rack systems, and security systems.  Utilization of the InfraStruxure Management Software Portfolio has become imperative for IT managers in order to avoid unplanned downtime and to maximize energy efficiency.   With full integration capabilities with enterprise and building management systems, the software provides a core platform to monitor and manage data center assets.

“More than ever, businesses are looking to maximize energy efficiency and minimize the complexity of their data center operations. We updated our InfraStruxure Management Software Portfolio to provide not only critical monitoring and measurement but extensive operational upgrades to enable seamless implementation of virtualization and the reduction of overall carbon footprints,” said Soeren Brogaard Jensen, Vice President Enterprise Software, APC by Schneider Electric. “By using APC’s InfraStruxure Management Software Portfolio, IT managers can finally implement virtualization without worrying about whether their physical infrastructure can support the nomadic loads. These upgrades allow customers to maximize current resources, conserve energy and better plan for the future.”

The new features of APC’s InfraStruxure Management Software Portfolio enable IT managers to change the way they monitor, operate, manage and maintain their data centers through the integration of new virtualization capabiltiies and upgraded energy efficiency and operations software. The enhanced capabilities include:

  • The new Data Center Lab application within InfraStruxure Capacity, a data center project management tool, enables the design of new data center build-outs or data center upgrades. This new functionality allows users to simulate changes and scenario planning without impacting data center operations. Data Center Lab’s drag and drop functionality and instant feedback on the impact of adding new IT gear makes the tool ideal for the creation of blueprint design proposals including floor layouts, rack layouts and inventory lists for data center expansion, consolidation or new build projects.
  • InfraStruxure Capacity’s updated Impact Analysis application provides an instant overview of data center physical infrastructure operations including UPS, power distribution and cooling independent of the types and brands of equipment present in the data center. This application is uniquely able to alert an IT manager when a temperature or other physical infrastructure-related event has occurred that could potentially impact the individual IT equipment. Vendor-agnostic inventory management and real-time device failure notifications are shown within physical data center layouts. These capabilities, available within InfraStruxure Operations 6.1 Capacity Manager, allow for the setting of thresholds, management of efficiencies, custom reporting and automated recommendations on how to resolve critical issues including the migration of virtual machines.
  • Through InfraStruxure Efficiency 1.1, IT managers can quickly and easily report on monthly energy consumption of their data center subsystems including CO2 emissions, PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) and DCIE (Data Center Infrastructure Efficiency). Carbon footprint and energy costs are user configurable or can be automatically calculated to correlate with local power generation CO2 emission and local public utility data, providing a more accurate representation of emissions and energy costs.
  • The new network management tool within InfraStruxure Capacity provides insight into equipment dependencies including mapping and documenting fiber and copper networks from servers, via patch panels, to switches or routers allowing IT managers to document connectivity, manage their network structure and plan and control network usage.

  • An example of the increased integration capabilities of the software includes the real-time communication between InfraStruxure Operations 6.1 with Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2008 R2 via a PRO Pack. This new capability automatically migrates virtual machines to healthy, secure host server environments and provides visibility into how virtual machines relate to physical servers. Additionally, InfraStruxure Operations ensures Virtual Machine Manager is aware of critical physical infrastructure alarms and events, including power, cooling, security and environment, and can execute corrective actions to move virtual machines to non-impacted areas within the data center.

    With these new features, the InfraStruxure Management Software Portfolio enables IT managers to align capacity with demand at row, rack, and server levels; monitor the data center physical infrastructure with instant status notifications and alarms; and reduce non-IT power consumption and wasteful excess capacity in order to increase overall data center efficiency.  Furthermore, as a vendor-neutral software suite, APC’s InfraStruxure Management Software Portfolio enables monitoring and management of physical infrastructure equipment as well as integrations with enterprise and building management systems by a range of vendors.

    Next Generation InfraStruxure™ Advances Scalable and Efficient Data Centers

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    New InfraStruxureTM delivers 25 percent increase in data center capacity utilizing 15 percent less floor space

    West Kingston, RI, September 29, 2010 — APC by Schneider Electric, a global leader in data center physical infrastructure today announced the next generation InfraStruxure™, a high performance, scalable and adaptable data center architecture that dramatically reduces cycle time and complexity from concept to design to installation.  InfraStruxure integrates power, cooling, racks, security and management in a modular form factor and is a building block of Schneider Electric’s comprehensive energy management architecture portfolio, EcoStruxure™.

    Data center managers continue to face increasing strain on their IT infrastructure systems and organizations are looking for new strategies to improve their ability to match business needs with their IT capabilities. These demands require a data center infrastructure which is flexible and adaptable. InfraStruxure delivers a modular form factor that optimizes power, cooling and floor space within an integrated energy management system to address today’s demands with the ability to scale up for future growth. This new generation of InfraStruxure delivers a 25 percent increase in power and cooling capacity, a 15 percent smaller footprint, all while reducing cost by 15 percent.

    “APC pioneered scalable and modular data centers with the introduction of InfraStruxure in 2002 and we continue to invest and evolve the architecture,” said Jim Simonelli, Chief Technology Officer, APC by Schneider Electric. “As data center challenges escalate with increasing server densities, virtualization, and a new focus on efficiency, it has become a priority for data center managers to align their power and cooling infrastructure designs with their IT requirements. This next generation of InfraStruxure makes it easier than ever before to meet these new dynamic challenges while achieving desired availability levels and deliver maximum efficiency.”

    Holland Computing Center at University of Nebraska-Lincoln, uses InfraStruxure to run high performance computing for cutting-edge research, including a 21 TFlop supercomputer, shared memory processing, grid computing and legacy support and development of hadoop-on-demand and other custom implementations. “InfraStruxure supports our valuable high-performance computing investments. It is scalable, adaptable and able to grow with the needs of our organization and it’s research projects,” said David Swanson, Director, HollandComputingCenter,University of Nebraska.

    A core feature of the InfraStruxure architecture is the InfraStruxure management software which provides an open, vendor neutral management platform for data center physical infrastructure. This portfolio helps companies optimize availability by balancing safety margins and risk tolerance to conserve energy and cut costs.  Active, open, management across all key domains of the data center, including power, cooling, rack systems, and security systems has become imperative in order to avoid unplanned downtime and maximizing energy efficiency.   With full integration capabilities to enterprise and building management systems, the InfraStruxure management software provides a core platform to monitor and manage data center assets.

    Additional new capabilities include:
    · Symmetra PX 100kW, 250kW, 500kW – Double-conversion uninterruptible power supply (UPS) with internal modular design for easy scaling and reconfiguring without downtime.
    · Modular Power Distribution Unit (PDU) – Simplifies the installation and reconfiguration of IT devices. This reduces planned downtime and eliminates the need for new circuit work orders to add IT equipment.
    · InRow® OA and Refrigerant Distribution Unit (RDU) – Overhead cooling for medium and high density applications for customers preferring waterless cooling options.
    · NetShelter® SX Networking Enclosures – optimized rack systems for high density environments

    “InfraStruxure provides data center managers the most scalable and adaptable infrastructure architecture, which not only enables high performance new data centers, but also can significantly improve existing data centers,” added Simonelli. “Scalable, adaptable physical infrastructure reduces total cost of ownership up to 33 percent by eliminating unnecessary capacity and technology. Additionally, the solution can by deployed quickly by simplifying the processes from planning and design through to installation, deployment and maintenance.”

    InfraStruxure is a building block of EcoStruxure, Schneider Electric’s solution architecture which enables intelligent energy management solutions for customers seeking to optimize energy efficiencies across multiple domains of their business. EcoStruxure, which was first announced in November 2009, connects five domains of business expertise – power, data centers, process and machines, building control and physical security – within an open and flexible technology architecture that delivers up to 30 percent savings in energy efficiency.  For more information on InfraStruxure, please visit