Schneider Electric’s APC Silcon Series UPS Reached End of Life

Posted by on February 20, 2012

Schneider Electric’s APC Silcon Series UPS Reached End of Life.

At this time, if you have an APC Silcon Series UPS unit installed at your site location we strongly recommend that you begin planning to replace your Silcon Series UPS system.  The APC Silcon Series UPS was discontinued on September 30, 2006 and is no longer being manufactured. APC guarantees 10 years of support on spare parts from the last day of production, making the final day for guaranteed support September 30, 2016.  Although APC has agreed to support the units from a maintenance standpoint, the parts will not always be available for immediate replacement.  For example, components not readily available, such as the Inverter sections and Capacitor banks, will need to be custom built, resulting in mean time to repair rates of several months.

Should you decide to maintain/service your APC Silcon unit past 2016,  Schneider Electric cannot guarantee parts availability or an available trained field technician in the event of an emergency.

APC Silcon Series End of Life/End of Service – Important Notes:

End of Life (September 30, 2006):
  • The last date of production for the APC Silcon line of UPS was September 30, 2006.  If you currently own and operate an APC Silcon unit you are beyond it’s recommended life.
  • Until the 5th year after cease of production (September 30, 2011), APC guarantees delivery of spare parts as fast as possible but lead time is highly dependent on stock availability and manufacturing time of the spare part.  After that time, lead time is expected to be several months.
End of Service (September 30, 2016):
  • You will not be able to renew the Schneider Electric on-site service contracts beyond September 30, 2016.  Preventative maintenance visits and on site service calls will no longer be available.
  • Schneider Electric’s supply of available spare parts for these models is fast diminishing as some parts are no longer in production by the component manufacturer.  Consider, aged capacitors can and charge circuits might not allow your batteries to charge and discharge the way they used to, resulting in more frequent battery changes.  Constant running, multi-speed fans have a life expectancy of 3 years.  Should they fail, the internal safety mechanisms present in most UPS systems force a shut down on high heat.  Even if it’s a simple fix, parts may no longer be available, or at best, require longer shipping times due to proximity of existing stock.
  • Schneider Electric factory trained technicians and technical support personnel will no longer stay current in relation to this product family.

With today’s newer, hot-swappable designed UPS systems, such as the Symmetra UPS, our industry is finally in a position to break free of our dependency on high cost service contracts.  By design, the APC Symmetra UPS encourages a company’s IT staff with minimal training or experience to make repairs without ever contacting their service provider in the first place.  After all, the UPS is smart enough to diagnose a fault and intelligent enough to know if that fault warrants an all out shutdown, or simply to issue a fault alarm to their owner.  Armed with the knowledge that their entire UPS, from battery modules to static switch assembly can be changed on-the-fly.

We would welcome an opportunity to discuss the various product replacement options for the APC Silcon Series UPS.  APC Smart-UPS and APC Symmetra PX line of products are excellent considerations based on your facility’s specific requirements.

To learn more about Schneider Electric’s line of UPS products and the Trade-UPS program please contact Waite Ave at or 1-888-486-7725, ext. 201.

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