Avoiding Costs from Oversizing Data Center and Network Room Infrastructure

Posted by on April 15, 2012

White Paper 37

This paper will show that the single largest avoidable cost associated with typical data center and network room infrastructure is oversizing. The utilization of the physical and power infrastructure in a data center or network room is typically around 50-60%. The unused capacity of data centers and network rooms is an avoidable capital cost, and it also represents avoidable operating costs, including maintenance and energy.

This paper is constructed in three parts. First, the facts and statistics related to oversizing are described. Next, the reasons why this occurs are discussed. Finally, an architecture and method for avoiding these costs is described.

“Avoiding Costs from Oversizing Data Center and Network Room Infrastructure” Full White Paper (Download Here)

Executive Summary:

The physical infrastructure of data centers and network rooms is typically oversized by five times the actual capacity at start-up and more than one and a half times the ultimate actual capacity. Oversizing statistics from actual customer installations are presented. The TCO costs associated with oversizing are quantified to be in excess of 30%. The fundamental reasons why oversizing occurs are discussed and an architecture and method for avoiding it is described.


  • Facts and statistics related to oversizing
  • Why does oversizing occur?
  • Fundamentals reasons for oversizing
  • Architecture and method to avoid oversizing


Data centers and network rooms are routinely oversized to more than 1 1/2 times their ultimate actual capacity. Oversizing drives excessive capital, maintenance, and energy expenses, on the order of 30%. This is a substantial fraction of the overall lifecycle cost. Most of this excess cost can be recovered by implementing a method and architecture that can adapt to changing requirements in a cost-effective manner while at the same time providing high availability.

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