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Posted by on April 6, 2012

Data center education that will lay the critical foundation to run an efficient data center.

Data center efficiency should be a topic of significant importance to all data center operators. At Universal Networking Services (UNS), our philosophy is simple: knowledge is key to data center efficiency!  UNS Institute for Data Center Professionals offers the data center community priceless educational opportunities through numerous gateways:

Educational Gateways:

“Educational Series For Data Center Professionals”

“Breakfast and Learn Series For Data Center Professionals”

Universal Networking Services Blog

Data Center Critical Power and Cooling LinkedIn Group

Universal Networking Services Twitter

About UNS “Educational Series For Data Center Professionals”:

The “Educational Series For Data Center Professionals” is a customized training series conducted at YOUR facility that provides the education that will lay the critical foundation for your organization to run an efficient data center.  UNS works diligently with you and your staff to customize a curriculum specific to your facilities requirements that educate and showcase the latest in technologies and best practices for data center power, cooling, monitoring, security and management.  Choose either topics from current course curriculum (see course curriculum below) or customize your training.   At UNS, we believe education is key to controlling your data center costs.  With that in mind, we couple your customized training session with our signature Critical Facility Energy Profile (CFEP) assessment.  To highlight, our CFEP service provides an on-site, non-invasive, risk free analysis of your current Network Critical Physical Infrastructure (NCPI) to determine the baseline efficiency of your data center.   On the first day, we will perform a site/data center assessment (CFEP), during which, items that are affecting efficiency and reliability are compiled.  On the second day, we return to the facility to perform a customized education/training session on today’s best strategies for power, cooling, monitoring security and management using examples from YOUR facility.  The education provided will drive your organization’s total-cost-of-ownership (TCO) as low as possible.   UNS is committed to understanding our clients challenges and provide the tools needed to operate their businesses with reliability and maximum efficiency. Contact us today to learn more about this unique educational opportunity.

Current “Educational Series For Data Center Professionals” Course Curriculum:

“POWER FUNDAMENTALS”-If you’ve ever asked yourself…”What’s the difference between kVA and kW?  AC and DC, isn’t that a band? Single-phase or three-phase?…then this is the course for you! In this course, students learn the fundamentals of AC and DC power, from generation to application.

“POWER DISTRIBUTION”-“With great power comes great responsibility.”  One can have all the power in the world but efficiently distributing that power to your critical equipment is the trick that makes the difference between business as usual or lights out!  In this course, students learn the fundamentals and application of efficient power delivered in terms of both off-site and on-site power generation.

“EFFICIENT POWER MANAGEMENT-OPTIMIZING TCO”- “Generator? Check. UPS? Check. Doors secured? Check. Red lights? Check…uh-oh! What do we do now? Who will we call?  Is this covered under a service agreement?” Managing your assets is one thing but doing so in a manner that lowers your TCO and allows you to sleep better at night takes some strategy.  Increasing availability and reliability while continuously decreasing costs means you’ll have to know when to break from the crowd and try less conventional methods.  This course is designed for the professional that has a solid understanding of both “Power Fundamentals” and “Power Distribution” and is ready to develop a strategy to manage their time, manpower and assets with maximum efficiency.

“CRITICAL COOLING 101-FUNDAMENTALS OF AIR CONDITIONING”-This course explains the fundamentals of air conditioning systems and how they can be leveraged in a data center to your advantage.  Topics include:  The Properties of Heat Transfer, The Ideal Gas Law, The Refrigeration Cycle, Condensation Control, and Comfort vs. Precision Cooling.  With a solid understanding of air conditioning principles, this course enables students to make knowledgeable decision on what air conditioning solutions are right for their data center-solutions based on fact, rather than sales and marketing strategy.

“EFFICIENT COOLING-OPTIMIZING COOLING STRATEGIES AND ARCHITECTURE”-Today’s servers generate significantly more heat, and in more concentrated, confined space than they did 20 years ago. So, why are data centers still using the same cooling strategies of yesteryear? This course takes a hard look at data center cooling architectures from many angles: efficiency, reliability, TCO, feasibility and availability, enabling students to make the best choices in cooling their critical equipment.  “Understanding the difference between comfort cooling and critical cooling; understanding the different types of cooling architectures and their deployment; and developing a method of choosing one cooling strategy over another” are all topics discussed in this course offering.

About UNS “Breakfast and Learn Series for Data Center Professionals”:

The “Breakfast and Learn Educational Series for Data Center Professionals” offers the data center community multiple opportunities to learn from their peers, share experiences, and expand industry knowledge.  Our educational sessions are conducted throughout the United States quarterly and will be advertised via our Data Center Critical Power and Cooling LinkedIn Group and/or follow us on Twitter.  Our “Breakfast and Learn Series” can also be customized and conducted at your own facility.  For more information on our “Breakfast and Learn Series” please contact us.

Current “Breakfast and Learn” Discussions:

“RIGHT-SIZING VERSUS OVER-SIZING: EFFICIENCY IN THE DATA CENTER”- Forecasting and measuring the total cost of ownership (TCO) for Data Center Physical Infrastructure (DCPI) is essential for return-on-investment (ROI) analysis.  Oversizing is the main contributor to excess TCO.  Oversizing creates inefficiencies in the data center including excess capital cost, operating cost, and specifically energy cost.  The average data center operator can achieve the highest return investment in relation to DCPI through right-sizing.  Right-sizing the DCPI system to the load is the key to optimizing TCO and has the most impact on DCPI electrical consumption.  Right-sizing can potentially eliminate up to 50% of the electrical bill in real-world scenarios.  For example, potential electricity cost savings for a typical 1 MW data center has been shown to be $2,000,000 to $4,000,000 over a typical 10-year life to the facility.  Data center efficiency is key to controlling your energy costs and should be a topic of significant importance to all data center operators.  This discussion is available through our “Breakfast and Learn Educational Series For Data Center Professionals”.

“IS PERIMETER COOLING DEAD?”-Traditional data center “room” cooling is unable to accommodate the latest generation of high and variable density IT equipment resulting in cooling systems that are inefficient, unpredictable, and low in power density.  To address these problems, row-oriented and rack-oriented cooling architectures have been developed.  Our presentation, “Is Perimeter Cooling Dead” examines and contrasts the 3 basic cooling approaches:  room, row, and rack architectures.  Each approach has an appropriate application but row-orientated cooling is emerging as the solution of choice for most next generation data centers.  Next generation data centers demand the flexibility, predicability, scalability, reduced electrical power consumption, reduced TCO and optimum availability that row and rack-oriented cooling architectures can provide.  Additionally, the factors that gave rise to the establishment and use of the raised floor is no longer justified or desirable.  To learn more about this topic, “Is Perimeter Cooling Dead” is available for your organization through our unique “Breakfast and Learn” Educational Series For Data Center Professionals.

About Universal Networking Services Blog “Don’s Corner”:

Data center industry blog that discusses the most relevant topics challenging the data center industry today.  Don Melchert, Critical Facility Specialist, shares in “Don’s Corner” his extensive knowledge and experience from the mission critical arena.  “Don’s Corner” highlights real world experiences to provide you the tools to maximize your efficiency while lowering your operating costs.

About Universal Networking Services LinkedIn “Data Center Critical Power and Cooling Group”:

Join UNS and industry peers on an open forum to discuss the following topics relating to data center “best practices”.  Key areas are:

– Power

– Cooling

– Racks- Security

– Management

– Fire Suppression

– Personnel

Submit your questions or comments on issues that affect your data center and have them answered by our Critical Facility Specialist.  We provide valuable insight to common problems that often plague modern data centers. Join the discussion at Data Center Critical Power and Cooling LinkedIn Group.

About Universal Networking Services Twitter:

Follow us on Twitter as we tweet/share industry related news, event postings, and company updates.

APC Data Center University

Data Center University™ (DCU) offers industry-leading education for IT professionals‚ facilities managers‚ engineers‚ designers‚ consultants‚ and anyone involved in the critical decisions and infrastructure planning of data centers worldwide. The changing nature of data centers‚ and the technology that impacts them‚ makes it even more critical that employees remain up to date on the current theories and best practices for issues around topics of power‚ cooling‚ management‚ security‚ and planning.

DCU provides a full curriculum of courses that educate and deliver up-to-the-minute information when and where you need it. Our online program is intended to be manageable and attainable‚ and with our Certification exam‚ you can quantify your learning and experience as a true data center professional!

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