“What Is Datapod?” Series-Part I

Posted by on April 26, 2012


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The Datapod system means you no longer need to run the risk of construction project cost blowouts, delays and compromised outcomes. Datapod can deliver a quality turn-key solution faster and at less cost compared to legacy data center construction projects.

A key dilemma facing legacy data center construction projects is whether or not to build a large data center to cater for possible growth in capacity requirements over the life of the facility or build a smaller data center in the hope that IT requirements do not exceed built capacity before end of life. The chances of acurately predicting your future IT requirement are low and the associated capital risks are high. In contrast, the modular Datapod system allows you to deploy only what you need when you need it, where you need it. Right-sizing your data center site infrastructure is not only capital efficient it is also operationally efficient.

Deploying the right amount of floor space as you need it means cooling and humidification resources are not wasted on conditioning surplus space. Incrementally deploying power and cooling systems to match the actual power and cooling requirements allows these system to run within their most energy efficient mode of operation. Incrementally investing in capacity only when you need it also gives you the best chance of benefiting from future technological improvements. Datapod’s committment to research and development in the area of energy efficient site infrastructure means you benefit from ongoing product enhancements and improved environmental efficiencies over time.

A productised approach to data center site infrastructure allows you to adopt a procurement model that matches your IT operations. Datapod offers an attractive leasing option that means you can now deploy your capital to more productive endeavors rather than having it tied up in legacy data centre projects that have increasingly rapid obsolescent.

Datapod Press Launch

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Datapod Explained

Datapod Interior Virtual Tour

Universal Networking Services is proud to partner with Datapod™ to deliver an unique alternative to the traditional bricks and mortar data center installation. With Datapod we can provide the data center community an alternative solution that maximizes their investment and increases the reliability and availability of their mission-critical facility.  Datapod is an unique, modular data center system that incorporates innovative design and cutting edge mechanical and electrical engineering. It has extended the concept of containerized data centers to include critical site infrastructure such as modular generators, chillers, and deployment services thereby providing a complete infrastructure solution for data centers. By enabling data center users to deploy when they like, where they like and for how long they like, the Datapod system offers performance superior to that of  a “bricks and mortar” data center facility, deploys faster and at a more cost-effective price point.

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