“Understanding The Cost Savings Associated With Results From a CFEP”

Posted by on May 22, 2011

Don Melchert, Critical Facility Specialist

“Understanding The Cost Savings Associated With Results From a CFEP”

Wasted energy is wasted money.

All too often, hidden costs associated with inefficiencies and wasted energy consumption in today’s Data Centers go unnoticed and are simply accepted as the cost of running a mission critical business. As a facility’s monthly energy bills show only the total charge incurred, many Facility and Data Center Managers are operating without the knowledge of what their data center architecture is costing them on an annual basis.

UNS, LLC specializes in establishing energy efficiency benchmarks and provides cost-effective, energy efficient power, cooling and management solutions.  A company that differentiates itself from its competitors by focusing on achieving maximum energy efficiency in the shortest time possible, is now offering their Critical Facility Energy Profile (CFEP) absolutely free.  Using a non-invasive, risk free approach, our CFEP service inspects and analyzes a critical facility holistically, then identifies potential conflicts and makes recommendations on how to improve the overall reliability and energy efficiency of their IT support assets.  Upon completion, a CFEP Report Card is provided which summarizes each critical support component and its associated costs, based on deployment and facility architecture.  Understanding and applying the recommendations noted in the CFEP Report Card, a 20-30% increase in energy efficiency is a typical ROI from customers that have had a CFEP performed.

UNS is committed to understanding our clients challenges and strives to provide them with the tools needed to operate their business with reliability, lower operating costs and maximum efficiency.  Let us help your company get more from its I.T. budget by spending less!

To learn more, read “Understanding the cost savings associated with results from a CFEP” from the UNS Website:   http://apcdistributors.com/efficiency-strategies.php.  Feel free to contact Don Melchert at d.melchert@apcdistributors.com or 918-760-8236.

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