Datapod – Manufactured Data Center Solution

Posted by on April 27, 2013


Traditional data centre builds require a lot of project specific or site specific engineering, and this drives up cost, increases the time of the project, and also increases the risk to the customer.

The modular Datapod approach enables us to eliminate risk and drive down the cost to the customer, by mass manufacture of proven reliable data centre modules.

Datapod manufactures data centres on demand. The process is cost efficient, eliminates project risks and gives you the security of quality assurance.

The most significant advantage for the customer of Datapod’s manufactured approach is the customer can come in to our factory, test drive their entire data centre facility before it even gets to site.

Datapod is an unique, modular data center system that incorporates innovative design and cutting edge mechanical and electrical engineering. Datapod has extended the concept of modular data center design to include critical site infrastructure such as modular generators, chillers, and deployment services thereby providing a complete infrastructure solution for data centers. By enabling data center users to deploy when they like, where they like and for how long they like, the Datapod system offers performance superior to that of  a “bricks and mortar” data center facility, deploys faster and at a more cost-effective price point.

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