Product Acquisition

Acquiring power and cooling infrastructure through individual product research actually increases overall project costs and decreases the likelihood of finding the best suppliers/vendors. In addition, this typically introduces compatibility issues, scheduling conflicts and lead-times that don't match planned implementation schedules.

The use of a single organization for IT resources has significant advantages. Standardization allows you to work with fewer vendors, leveraging hardware, maintenance and licensing costs. Streamlining your IT infrastructure can simplify decision-making, and minimize costly maintenance contracts. Standardization often goes hand in hand with centralization, the process of giving your IT department more control over purchases of hardware and services. Our solution significantly reduces the cost of integrating multiple technologies by reducing middleware, and makes it easier to predict hardware refresh cycles. By having a single point-of-contact for all IT assets and services, your organization will see the savings almost immediately. Want to see how? Call us or use our Contact Us page.

UNS understands that in order to develop, design and implement the most efficient data center it must be viewed holistically between the building itself and the IT equipment that resides within it.