Square D is one of the most trusted names in electrical distribution, power and control — from residential to industrial construction. We are pleased to offer you the following quality Square D brand products.

Today, energy is at the heart of everyone's concern. More than ever, the current situation compels each and every one to achieve more while using fewer resources. Global specialist in energy management, Schneider Electric makes energy safe, reliable, efficient, productive and green. How? Simply by making energy visible and giving you the means to act to optimize its consumption.

Our partnership with Square D® provides superior electrical distribution, protection, and power quality management. The prime components of the switchgear are the Masterpact® NW and NT ANSI rated circuit breaker. Power-Zone 4 switchgear is designed to maximize the functionality of the Masterpact circuit breakers, which, in turn, deliver maximum uptime, system selectivity, ease of maintenance, and reliable circuit protection. All of these features are packed into the smallest footprint available for low voltage drawout switchgear.

  • Designed and built to ANSI® C37.20.1 and is Listed to UL® 1558
  • Masterpact NW and NT drawout low voltage power circuit breakers are designed and built to ANSI C37.13 and C37.16. Listed to UL 1066
  • Short-circuit current rating up to 200 kA without fuses
  • High short-time withstand ratings up to 100 kA for 30 cycles, minimum
  • Arc flash limiting Masterpact NW feeder breakers available in 800, 1600, and 2000 ampere ratings
  • Family of field installable and upgradeable Micrologic® trip units with optional Powerlogic® data communications features
  • Optional Transparent Ready® Web-enabled data communications capability
  • Smallest equipment footprint available in this product class
  • Front access to control and communications wire connections
  • Bolted copper bus provided as standard (up to 5000 amperes maximum)
  • Large rear cable compartment pull area allowing maximum room for power cables
  • Bus provision for future equipment expansion
  • System designed for maximum uptime with low maintenance
  • Modular circuit breaker designed for easy addition of control accessories
  • Available in NEMA 3R outdoor walk-in enclosures